5 Nutrition Myths – Destroyed

Myth 1 “Eating little and often, between 5-7 meals per day, is the best way to fire up your metabolism and loss weight”

It is true that when you eat your insulin (hormone that the body sends out when sugars are added to the blood) spikes. In truth if you eat a bigger meal you will increase your metabolism even more. This is just because it is a bigger meal and has more sugars/carbohydrates in it.

Your metabolism is ultimately determined by a few areas so or which you can affect and some you cannot. These include:

  • Genetics (blame parents)
  • Overall Health Status (You control)
  • Muscle Mass (You can increase)

So if you can match your calorie intake with your energy out you will maintain your weight. If you eat three meals a day then eat free meals a day. If you eat 7 meals a day then do that too. Just fit your lifestyle and health together to make long lasting change.

Myth 2 “Eating fat makes you fat…so if you want to lose weight, you need to eat less fat”

Eating fat sounds like if could make you fat. It is in the word right?

The key to putting on weight is over consuming food on a daily basis. If you want to lose weight or body fat then you need to eat less then what you body and exercise regime require regularly. You can do this with a low fat diet or a low carb diet. Just make sure that you eat less then you calories then you body needs by a small amount regularly.

Myth 3 “A high-protein diets increase strain on the kidneys and raises your risk disease”

From research to date there is nothing to support this idea. The only research show to hinder kidney function is if you have a pre-exciting condition to start with. So if you have normal kidneys then I would suggest eating your PT or nutritionists recommend amount. The starting point is normally 2.2 x Body Weight in KG and lower if you do not exercise. I would suggest also eating plenty or Vegetables and Fruit which are rich in supporting optimal health. The you will be supporting your body because of the high nutrient intake of food.

Myth 4 “Losing weight is all about willpower and eating less, exercising more”

Losing weight needs a multi-functional approach. There are 5 things to help you with losing weight or body fat.

  • Eat Less.
  • Do some fun and engaging exercise.
  • Eat healthy foods.
  • Go to bed on time.
  • Be positive.

You need to regulate your stress levels when you are trying to lose body fat as the process of losing weight is can also be stressful on the body all by itself. So keeping the stress of trying to lose weight out of your life as we have so many other stress already is a great step forward.

Myth 5 ”Low-carbs diets are dangerous and increase your risk of heart disease”

Low carb diets are often very healthy as they often focus on real foods lots of fruits and vegetables. Low carb diets are, by default, often high in fat, but this alone won’t lead to heart disease. Any disease is complex matter and many factors play a part in increase the risk for example,, whole diet, lifestyle, stressors on the body. Ultimately fat is a perfectly healthy and beneficial macronutrient to eat.



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