The Beginners Guide: Supplements

Supplements – Should you use them? Which supplements should you use? When? Why? 

One of the important things you’ll come across in the first few months of training are supplements. There is currently a massive market for supplements and health products. I am going to help you work out the most important supplements for a beginner and which products I use personally for my training. The important question you need to answer is which supplements will work for you.

So you have started training and you have made changes to your diet. You may even have worked out your calorie intake and given yourself goals. With this in mind you need to look at supplements as a way of helping you reach these targets. It will also mean that you wont have to worry about the small details of nutrition that are hard to manage and maintain such as micronutrients.

1.Multivitamin tablets  these are key to creating a base for diet and are important in helping with hundreds of processes within the body. Taking certain amounts of nutrients are key to improve and maintain health.

When should you take them and how many should you take in a 24 hour period? You don’t need to a brand-name supplement for this. You just need to find one that gives you all the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for most vitamins and minerals. There is nothing to say that mega-doses of a vitamin are beneficial. You should take these at a similar time every day. I personally take this supplement in the morning before breakfast. But remember, supplements are just an insurance policy to your health – they should be used alongside a balanced and healthy diet.

2.Vitamin D3 tablets – This is a Sun Tablet. I would recommend that everyone takes this tablet! It’s called the sun tablet because vitamin D3 is produced in the body after time spent in the sun and can help prevent health issues. It is important that again you do not use mega doses with this and it is really important to take this about 12 hours after taking your Multi-Vit tablet.

I would recommend about 3000 IU a day. I would also make sure that you can get hold of Vitamin D3 not D because this has been shown to be absorbed into the body better. I take this one in the middle of the afternoon.

3.Fish Oils or Omega-3 – Although it’s not the greatest tasting supplement, there are some great long-term benefits of omega-3 and is really important when you are trying to maintain a healthy body. Fish Oil helps lowers inflammation. Why is this important? It will lower the inflammation that training causes within the muscles and this means the blood is better able to deliver the nutrition to muscles. Healthy fats will also help to breakdown and remove fat stores.

4.Creatine – Research has shown that creatine is important in helping replenish your Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) stores within your muscles. Why is this important? It is key in helping to improve your performance in high intensity exercise. This will also help you to recover between workouts. It is important to note that you need to take creatine over a longer period of time to see the benefits. It was thought that taking it in high doses was key, however, it is better if you take creatine pre and post workout and that you should take around 4 grams in a day as a beginner.

5.Whey Protein – You will be told to buy when you start training, by everyone in the gym. But do you know why?

Whey protein is full of Branched Amino Acids (BCAAs) which are key to creating protein synthesis within your muscles and will slow muscle breakdown. It gets to work fast and is the prefect quick meal. It’s important that you ensure you are putting the right amount of protein into your body when you start training!

I hope this helps with the basic of supplements! I would read though and make a note on each and see if you need those product. If you eat plenty of protein in a day to meet your daily allowance then you don’t need to buy yourself whey protein. If you work outside then you may not need vitamin D. Use this article to make a better and more informed choice of your supplement plan.

There will be more articles to follow, but in the meantime, feel free to ask questions in the comments section!



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