The Perfect Playlist for the Gym

It is sometimes really hard to choose the perfect playlist for when you are going to hit the weights room or go for a run. I have always struggled to find the perfect music for this until I discovered a few simple tricks to help you create that perfect playlist!

Download Shazam

Download and use Shazam on your phone. It is totally free and can workout any music in any environment. All you need to do is open the app and press the Shazam button.

It is a perfect way to find that new song that you have heard but do not know the name of it and then you can add it to your playlist with the next step below.

Go Premium

Pay for the premium service of either Apple Music or Spotify. Why should you do this when it will set you back £10 a month? You can added all the music you love into playlists and then download them so that you can listen to music whenever you want. You can also take advantage of all the pre-made workout playlists that these companies provide if you can’t find the right songs to get you in the mood for a great workout. Links below to find out more!

Apple Music

Spotify Music

Create a Playlist

Like I started suggesting above creating your own workout playlist is the best way to store and collect the right music for you to get you working your hardest in the gym.

Whether you have the right tunes for your playlist or you only have a few then I would still suggest creating your playlist. If you do this then it does give you someone to start collecting great workout tunes, plus if you here a great song on the radio then you can use Shazam to find out what it is and add it later to your playlist that you have already created.

Copy Others/Role Models

Copy other peoples playlists or you can look up your role models fitness playlists. The Rock, Steve Cook and many others have their playlists available to you on either Apple Music or Spotify.

To recap:

Download Shazam.

Go Premium.

Create a Playlist.

Copy others.




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