Change in Approach

It’s always been my mission to help people, and I (amongst many others) believe that contributing is one of the best ways to feel happy and content with oneself. I went into health and fitness industry with the aim of helping people, but I feel as though I have somewhat strayed from that as life’s responsibilities build (paying rent, bills, getting the car fixed, etc!) Suddenly, I feel as though I was focused on making money then helping other. I am putting an end to that today.

I am going to stop using my website for business, but to add value to people’s lives. I want to revert back to my original mission, to create content that will help people.  With the intention I am only going to put out content that will hopefully add value to people’s lives. This will involve health, fitness, training tips but also subjects around my life that have helped to make me happy and positive including things like travel, minimalism, photography and my overall attitude towards life.

This website is going to help me document my journey and push forward this new philosophy and hopefully help you along the way.

I will state that I am not a writer, well I am kind of writing now so, maybe I am. However I have never excelled in English and thus not going to create perfect content, but I hope that with writing everyday this may improve over time. I will hope to somehow add value to your life in the process.

I really am looking forward to this major change in approach and look forward to you joining me throughout my journey.


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