Travel | Stockholm 2018

When I think of Sweden I tend to think of Ikea, blondes, vikings and meatballs. My visit to Stockholm provided me with all of theses expectations and a lot more. Stockholm for a capital city is clean, easy to travel, friendly and relaxed.


Summer is the time to go and visit the city and witness it’s beautiful views and buildings. There is loads of places to visit, but these are my top 3 to see if you have a limited time:


1. Vasa Museum – It is a boat museum all about a boat. Why is this number one? It is a museum about a huge mistake based on ego, pride and looking wealthy. I would wait for a mini tour (free) as you will discover loads about the ship and what happened.


2. Djurgarden – Gardens that once were the official hunting grounds of the royal family. It is a beautiful park with loads to see and a great place to relax and enjoy the surroundings. I kayaked down the Djurgardbrunnsviken and saw the Rosendals Slott Palace and the 2D faces that are located on both sides of the river. I would suggest cycling if you have got a Citybikes pass.


3. Vikingaliv – This museum was small, but totally worth the money. I would suggest taking your time and also playing the viking game HNEFATAFL. It is simple but really fun to play. You end the museum with an 11 minute ride that tells you the saga of Ragnfrid in the year 963.

Viking Game

All of these activities could be completed in one day if you had limited time to visit.

A great place to stay is a hostel located just north of the Central Station. It is called City Backpackers. It was really well run and offered free pasta. What more do you need? My only downside to the visit was the cost of everything. It would be easy to spend £200 a day on just food and drink. I would say that apart from that it is one of the nicest and most pleasant cities I have travelled to.

The main reason that we went to Stockholm was to see Ed Sheeran at the Friend’s Arena. It was simply the best live event I have been to in my life to date. Just amazing!




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