Starting To Declutter My Life

Three months ago I ran into something while mindlessly watching YouTube videos, as you do, before getting ready to leave for work. I can across a content creator called Matt D’Avella. I watched a video called ‘How Can Minimalism Make You More Productive.’ It was masterfully filmed and beautifully created. It is what I would soon learn as meaningful content, after this I became hooked and watch all of Matt’s videos.

I learnt that Matt was the director of the film called: Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. So I went straight onto Netflix and started to watch it. While watching something internally clicked my brain. It was the realisation that so many of the principles of minimalism were related to my basic beliefs and values.

As I dived into the discovery of simply living I found that I had started decluttering many things in my life, my mental approach to life, understanding why I had taken a demotion in my career and only ever having time for people that add value. When all of this understanding comes from a documentary and a few Youtube videos you start to take even more steps towards discovering a more simple and meaningful life.

I then started following The Minimalist’s 21-Day Journey into Minimalism and started the process of decluttering my life both physical and mentally. I am going to write about the things I discover on the way.

Also if you haven’t read what this has done in relation to my business approach then read the post called change in approach.


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