IIFYM Vs. Clean Eating

If It Fits My Macros Vs. Clean Eating

There has been a lot of talk and discussion on which method is best at getting you results in terms of fat loss and body transformation.

If It Fits My Macros (IIFYM) is a concept that follows a simple rule of you can eat anything as long as it is within your daily protein, carbohydrate and fat amounts. So if you can eat a Mars bar as long as you track the number of carbs, proteins and fats that are contained in that bar.

Clean Eating is a concept that uses the basis that if it is healthy then you can eat it if it is not healthy then you can not. You can go by the rule of eating as much of this as you would like until you are full.

The other option is that you add the concept of tracking your Marco, similar to IIFYMs, but you can only eat healthy options.

That is a basic breakdown of the two discussed types of diet or healthy eating concepts. I am now going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both.



Can eat anything you like – I like this because you can eat anything – as long as you can track it, you can eat it. There are no restrictions when using this method.

Food Prep – This is as easy as doing any form of food prep really all you would include in the end is that you measure the food that you are adding into each food container.

Easy to start tracking – The only thing that you really need to start this is an app on your phone or computer.


Understanding the App – It can take time to create a system that works for you. After you have used this system for a while you can learn tricks that will make adding foods really quick and simple.

Technology – If you do not understand technology this is not the right system for you. The technology is not impossible to learn but if you do not use a computer or smartphone regularly then it may be an uphill battle.

Addiction – It can lead to some people becoming addicted to tracking all your foods, but with the right training and guidance this is really unlikely. I would always suggest having a few weeks off after a few months to re-set and relax your mind from tracking.

Clean Eating


Simple and Easy – All you need to do is create a plan for the week ahead and then shop and cook for the week ahead in one session.

No Tracking – Perfect for people on the go for the week and think that they don’t have the time to track ingredients.

Always Healthy –  You are 100% certain that you are going to be eating healthy at every meal and every day.


Boring – I have used this method before and for me, it was the repetition of the meals that either causes me to have cheat meals or stop altogether.

Bro Science – This method isn’t based around ‘real’ science – it’s an old body-building methodology of eating protein and a certain amount of carbs a day. This method as developed over the years and you know would create clean meals based on your body weight and training load.

Creates Limitations – When you look at some of the meals that are created using this method it can create limitations to what you can add to your meals. For example, peas go off in the fridge after cooking quicker than other vegetables. This leads you to not adding it to your meals.

Personal Conclusion

I have used both methods over my years of training and have found that I have adapted both methods into my nutritional plan. I love using the method of bulk cooking and having this prepared for the week. I then like to use IIFYM as a method to make sure I am getting close to my targets for my goal, at the same time this gives me room for a treat or meal out with friends.


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