Resistance against​ The Fitness Industry

Why isn’t external resistance training seen as the best way to improve health and lose fat?

There have been many fitness professionals, over the years within the fitness industry that have to lead us to think that resistance training is not great for toning and more importantly that strength will give you massive muscles. This is all related to these individuals wanting to make as much money for themselves as possible.

Let me explain;

I have a book, DVD or app that cost X amount. This single item gets you all of your fitness goals for this low price of £9,99. You will not need anything else to look perfect just this item that I am selling. Then 10,000 people buy this item and only 10% complete the whole programme. No one thinks that it was the fault of the programme you don’t look perfect because they think countless thoughts like their nutrition was poor, I missed one day, I didn’t try hard enough and these thoughts/excuses are the reason they weren’t successful. Not the fact it could be related to that magic item!

The person that created the item still gets (£99,900 – the cost of development). They have no backlash or PR harm and they could do the same in a month or a year down the line, all because of the thoughts of the person are the reason for failure, not the product. In the meantime, people still have not improved their health, knowledge or reached their goal.

The Solution;

Come and get personal training with me for £9,99! No, it is really about adding resistance based training to your fitness programme, changing bad behaviours, becoming consistent, eating healthy, having the right proportions and adding the right cardiovascular training. All of these steps should also relate to your own personal goals.

Asking better questions will result in getting better answers

Try asking these questions below.

  • What local services will help me reach my goal?
  • Do I have a friend that is really into their personal fitness that can help me?
  • Do one of my friends have better habits than me in relation to their fitness or nutrition and could they work in my life?
  • What research can I do to improve my knowledge of fitness?
  • How can I add resistance training into my life?
  • Do you struggle with motivation? Maybe personal training will help.

Asking these questions will help you get better results because you are taking your fitness journey into your own hands. You are not letting someone with their own motives dictate your future. Comment below with any questions or want some advice.



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