Christmas Food, Booze and Parties!

Parties, Christmas Food and New Year’s Eve. Plus the Year ahead!

It’s that time of year again! We all love Christmas. It’s the perfect time to enjoy time with your family and see friends – I love it. But the hard part of the festive period is the risk of over-indulgence – whether that’s food or drink. 

Check out my top tips below, on how to maintain your body weight / composition though this great time of year…

1.Look at you gym opening hours. They will not be the same as normal. You may even need to plan your workouts around them. If you are visiting family over Christmas, it might be worth looking up the local gym. Ask about a tourist pass or short term membership option.

2.Food and Christmas meals. This bit is the hardest to manage and I would be the first to admit it! Enjoy everything, but enjoy it in moderation. Have a bit of cake, but not the whole thing. Try and eat little and often, enjoy all of it, but don’t eat all of it!

3.Drinking is allowed! Just remember that a gram of alcohol is 9kcals. If you are going to get smashed for New Years, try and prepare food for the next days hangover. I find that an arm workout also helps recover and still means you complete a workout too!

4.Christmas dinner is always going to be a great meal, however there can be a lot of extra hidden Kcals in the meal. If you cook, you can then limit these hidden Kcals and your family will love that you did it!

5.Exercise early so you can enjoy the day with family and friends and get your metabolism going for the day of food or drink ahead.

6.Exercise at home. No Gym, No problem. The home is not your enemy, you can train all your body parts, but I would say that if you can plan you workouts for the week then make sure you do your arms, shoulders and back at the gym. Legs, abs and chest are the best group for you to train at home.

7.Enjoy yourself! Train and gain some muscle through this festive time of year.

Have a very Merry Christmas and I’ll see you in the new year! I can’t wait to continue my journey and help you on yours.


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