I am currently moving into my first property that I own. It is the first time moving while developing and trying to live life in a simple, intentional and meaningful way.

Over the time we have been waiting to move house we have sorted our belongings into 4 categories. Keep, Sell, Donate, Bin. We had success in the process of pairing down. We also had some issue along the way too, but I learnt a few things on the way.

Never assume. Communicate. Create rules for yourself and rules for the team/partnership (These may be different). Have a judgement free zone. Have intentional discussions. Enjoy planning. Place things into priorities for you and then compare them with one another.

Once these rules were set up for me the process of getting ready to move became enjoyable and exciting for both of us. When it came to moving into our place these rules became really important, as this is a stressful and exhausting time. It becomes easy to snap and get frustrated, but if you try and communicate well and not judge then the process can be enjoyable. It is also helpful to eat whenever you get a little bit hungry as you need it and it will help stop you from becoming “Hangry”.

We are now completed moved into our new place and are looking forward to making it our own.


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