What is a habit?

“It is an task that you complete on a regular basis”

Is brushing your teeth a habit? I would argue that the process of brushing your teeth is a routine, because you have to walk to the bathroom, pick the brush up, add the toothpaste…etc

I would like to suggest that the concept of a habit isn’t the whole process it is the first step to helping you complete that routine.

If you look at any healthy habit. It all starts with something. That is the habit. If you can start this habit then you will complete the rest of the routine. So if you can walk to the bathroom then you will brush your teeth. You can also just attach a healthy habit to routine that you do already. For example adding brushing your teeth to your shower routine.

You want to create a new healthy routine. Just think of the routine as a few little steps. If you set yourself a target of completing the first step. For example putting your gym clothes in the morning, this should then lead to you completing the full routine of getting to the gym and completing a entire workout.

In conclusion lets look at habits as just small single steps and then you will more likely find that you will complete the entire routine. For example in my writing I only set myself the target of completing 5 minutes of writing each day. When I do this I can sometimes write for as long as an hour, but I may only complete the 5 minutes. I have however still complete that habit of writing everyday.

Same with my exercise, I set myself a habit of getting my yoga mat and putting it onto the floor, I will then find myself completing five minutes of yoga or sometimes i’ll complete a 30 minute routine.

“Habits start with one small step. One small steps leads to completing a routine”

You can also use these small habit steps to break bad habits too. Just find that trigger that starts your bad routine and try to remove it.

If you always stop and get fast food on Thursday just drive a different way home so that you do not get the temptation to drive in.

Habit good or bad all start from a trigger. Find that trigger and use it appropriately.

Thanks please leave a comment of your experience of trying to start new habit.


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