GVT Training – The Best Introduction to Muscle Growth

GVT (German Volume Training)

I have been doing GVT in my personal training for the last few months. I wanted to see if that by completing this training for my upper body would increase in size of thee period of training.

Short answer is yes. I have seen an improvement in muscle size of an 8 week training period. Let’s discuss what GVT is and what other arounds of focus I had while completing this training to see some improvement in muscular size.

What is GVT training?

In short it is a workout that your main exercise is 10 sets of 10 repetitions. That is while lifting a weight that you can just about maintain for the 10 sets of 10 reps. This concept have been used for 45+ years. It is really good for learning to add volume type training into your periodized programme.

I like this type of training for clients as well because of the benefits of training, learning about volume training and lastly removing the notion of lifting heavy and to failure is going to increase your muscle size or make you big.

The next important factor is the rest periods and what accessory moments that go with your main compound movement. Resting for a 1 minute and 30 seconds between each set and also working on accessory movements related to that muscles group.

I really like this type of training as someone’s first sep into hypertrophy. I use this as a personal trainer and gym instructor all the time.

What is the programme involve?

  1. Each workout last about 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  2. 10×10 on your main compound movement for the day.
  3. 3-5 accessory movements. 3×12 on each exercise.
  4. Rest for a maximum of 1 minute between each set.

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