Personal Training Is Coming

I have some great news on the horizon. Personal Training is starting soon. I haven’t been doing personal training for about a year now, because of buying a house and waiting for the company I work for to start a employee based PT programme, not a rent based programme. This is nearly ready to be rolled out across the Devon sites.

I am hoping to start providing Personal Training services at both Ivybridge Leisure Centre and Totnes Leisure Centre. Ivybridge is 100% and Totnes is about 75% likely. 

I am going to be using a app called MyPT Hub. It is a great way to see products and services, plus allows you to have access to my services 24hrs a day. It is also where we will log and track all your information, from workouts to nutrition. Click there link to register your interest: 

JManningPT MyPTHub

This app is going to be exclusive to Personal Training members and customers using other services on the app from programmes to nutrition services. Non-members can use the app to log their own workouts and nutrition when receiving the free services that we provide at the leisure centre.

If you are interested in my services then please click the link above and register and packages and times for 1-2-1 personal training session will become available.


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