All about Me

When looking back, I have noticed that I have developed as a person since my early twenties. I have spent time trying to understand myself, what I truly want from life and my desire in terms of my business and direction.

I really had lost sight of why I went to university in the first place. It wasn’t so that I could climb the corporate ladder or make millions, it was because I have a desire to help people. I could have helped people in many different ways from counselling to being a nurse or doctor. However, I love fitness and I want to prevent illness, injury and the aging process.

I have now over the last few years been working as a gym instructor at Ivybridge Leisure Centre. In those few years I have helped change lives and made people healthier, happier and fitter. While doing this I have found my true purpose in life. While doing this I have noticed that the more I personally invest in someone the better the results. This is why I am going to be starting personal training again. Not for the financial gain, but for the ability to cause real change in someone’s life. This does come at a cost for the clients, but I feel that the investment is going to help a individual change their life for the long term.

I am personal looking forward to this challenge of taking my programming, nutrition and personal 1-2-1 sessions to the next level for the individuals that want to invest and change their life for the better.


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