My 1 Month Challenge – Journalling

I set myself the challenge of trying to keep a journal everyday for the month of July in 2019. It was partly because I had changed to a IPad and Pencil this made me really want to try and utilise these new toys, but also I enjoy setting myself a challenge.

The rules were simple, I had to write about my experiences from within the last 24 hours. I didn’t have to write for a certain time, at the end or start of the day. I just had to write everyday.

I wasn’t perfect (no one is) and I didn’t write everyday, however I did complete 90% of the days within the month period. I have to stay that I didn’t think that it would make it above 50%.

What did I learn?

I learnt a few things that I didn’t think that I would expect. The first was I didn’t think that I would enjoy it. I personally hate writing (I know I’m writing now), but I hate/not good at it. See my post Change in Approach to learn why I am writing.

I learnt the therapeutic feeling of writing your thoughts and feeling can achieve. I felt that my brain was lighter, free to create, relaxed and able to enjoy the moment more. I feel this is one of the biggest reasons that people journal, but I also feel that it takes awhile before you have the confidence to put your thoughts and feelings down. It wasn’t until week 2 before this happened for me. So it isn’t somethings that happens overnight and takes some practice and dedication. I did really feel lighter once I did get past those 2 weeks and could really start to get my thoughts and feelings onto ‘paper’.

lastly, it become a replacement nearly for my meditation practices. I found that I didn’t have to meditate as much if I had written something into my journal that day.

The BIG question. Will I continue doing it?

Yes, however I will not being doing it everyday. I am planning to write once a week and whenever I feel that I need/want to write some thoughts and feelings down.

So will you set yourself a challenge for the month? I am going to do this again, but I need your help.

What shall I set myself this month? Comment below and if you would like to join in too. Which shall I do in October:

  • 1hr Meditation a Day for a month
  • Cold Showers for a month
  • 30mins of CV training everyday for a month


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