2 Months In

I have been personal training at Ivybridge Leisure Centre for the last two months and have obtained some great clients along the way. I haven’t been actively promoting personal training until the Leisure Centre introduced this as part of what they have to offer. I had forgotten how much I enjoy the 1-2-1 interaction with clients and seeing their progression on a week on week basis. It is really rewarding.

I have one client that I would like to give a massive ‘shout out’ to and that is Louise. She has been training with me for the last 6 weeks. This has included a 2-2-1 session plus also attending my 2 classes: HIIT and Circuits. Louise has taken on everything I have said and followed my nutrition advice via my PT app and has completed my home workouts and gym sessions too.

The results has been amazing! She has lost 4.9kg in body fat, built muscle and lost a total of 13 cm around her waist, hips and thighs. I am super proud of her and the work, practice and progression that she has made.

Her arms, legs and back are showing great signs of progress in terms of strength. Her squat has developed from nothing to being able to squat 35kg with ease along with her deadlift being around the 45kg from 20kg.

Keep up the great work and well done.



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