14 Days of Isolation

I have decided to create a workout for you all to do while you are stuck at home in this hard and uncertain time. The 14 days of Isolation:

The rules are simple. You start at 1 then the you start again and then do 1 and then 2 and add a new exercise every time you get to the top. Each number is also the number of reps that you have to complete as well!

  1. Burpee (to the floor)
  2. Tuck Jumps or Pull-Ups
  3. Press-Ups
  4. Lunges (On Each Leg)
  5. Squats
  6. Odd object – Single Arm Rows on each side
  7. Crunches
  8. Leg Rasies
  9. Side Lunges (Both Sides)
  10. Mountain Climbers
  11. Box Jumps or Step Jumps
  12. V-Sits
  13. Seconds Rest
  14. Burpees (Because we all love a burpee)

Once you have completed the list then you can stop or take one away each time you get to the top of the list again!

Enjoy and Stay Safe!


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