Come and enjoy a group training session at Ivybridge Leisure Centre.

  1. HITT at 7pm on Tuesday
  2. Athletic Blast at 6pm on Wednesday
  3. Body Blast at 6pm Thursday
  4. Bootcamp at 7am on Friday

You can keep up to date with all the classes I cover on my Facebook page and Twitter account. 

Below is a basic description about each class:


An intense full-body workout that combines resistance training with anaerobic exercise. Suitable for all levels and abilities.

Athletic Blast

A full body gym strength and power session developing your conditioning to a higher level for sport and performance in the gym.

Body Blast

A gym class developing your gym knowledge on new and different exercises to develop your body’s shape. You can take these new exercises and take them into your workouts when you go to the gym. Looking to develop your lower body into the figure you want.


Bootcamps are a social, fun way of getting fit. You can push yourself as much as you want and I’ll be there to help and guide you every step of the way. Only 45 minutes long.