Emma Turner

I have been going to gym in ivybridge for almost 3 years and cannot recommend him enough. I originally joined the gym just to keep fit and did my own thing and went to bootcamp on a Friday. This is where I met Jamie and instantly felt so comfortable with him as he really knows what he’s talking to when it comes to women’s health and fitness. He’s put up with me for 3 years (I’m his oldest customer) spurred me on when I felt like giving up “remember muscle weighs more than fat”  and told me to stop being a diva when I refused to do burpees (they truly do work for your whole body)!

Jamie tailored my workout routine to suit me and was always on hand if I wanted nutrition advice or to change an exercise. Working with Jamie I managed to lose enough weight in a year to fit in a wedding dress that was 2 sizes too small when I first bought it and for that I can’t thank him enough.  He is a credit to the gym and was a credit to me in preparation for my wedding so much so he came to have a boogie at my wedding so he could see for himself the wedding dress that I’d been panicking so much about! Thank you Jamie for helping me to feel a million dollars on my wedding day and setting me up with knowledge about health and fitness that I can use for life.